Inspirational Travel Interviews – 4

The fourth interview in my Inspiration Travel Interview series is with Elliott and Sam from A Boundless Voyage. Elliott and Sam are a young couple currently preparing for their first 4 month backpacking trip to South East Asia.

1. Why don’t you introduce yourselves and your blog to the readers?

Hi! We’re Elliott (19 years old) and Sam (20 years old) from Bristol in the UK. We’ve recently started up our own travel blog, known as ‘A Boundless Voyage’. Through our writing and videos, we document everything related to our trips across the globe; from planning and preparation to surviving on a cheap budget. Our main goal, however, is to inspire the younger generation to pick up their backpacks and head off on their own adventures. we hand over all the advice we can possibly provide as we learn and grow into the backpacker lifestyle from a young age. Our first trip begins in late September as we jet off to South East Asia.

Inspirational Travel Interviews - 4

2. So what has inspired you both to go travelling, instead of perhaps going to university like other people your age?

Both of us have a huge interest in travel. Elliott, having a parent involved in the travel industry, has had the privilege of growing up on 3 luxury holidays each year! It wasn’t until he visited Thailand with his family for the second time (age 16) that he realised he wanted to be surrounded by travel forever. Ever since then he’s been saving all the money he can. Sam, on the other hand, has only visited a few countries in Europe such as Greece and Spain. Nevertheless, her infatuation for adventure began to grow out of nowhere and it wasn’t until a few months after we’d met that we realised we could make it possible and head off on our first trip together. University has been leaving young people in debt and jobless in society today; so we thought we’d spend our money on living out our dreams and gaining education through travel experience.

3. So why have you decided to visit South East Asia and why for four months?

Where do we begin!? Asia in general fascinates us, we adore the wide spectrum and contrasts of food, culture, nature; Everything! We chose the South East area in particular because it seemed like a great location to start off as we have the comfort of Elliott being in a slightly familiar area having been to Thailand numerous times. We are also very interested in the history of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Four months seemed like a fair amount of time for us to do everything we’ve planned at our own pace; although it is extremely likely that we will be extending our trip whilst we are away in order for us to see more of the world. It’s going to take a lot more than four months for us to want to come home.

4. So what are some of your plans for South East Asia, will you be visiting some of the major tourist traps or going off the beaten track?

We love the idea of getting off the beaten track as much as we can; we have a huge list of destinations which should get us away from the typical backpacker lifestyle when we want to. However, we’d be kidding ourselves not to do some of the emblematic things that each country has to offer such as tubing in Laos, the Halong Bay Cruise, a Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, visiting the Angkor Wat. Why not!

5. So do you have a dream itinerary all worked out or will you be travelling more by ear. Staying longer in the places you like or moving on if you don’t like an area?

We have purchased a massive map of South East Asia on which we have located and marked all of the key cities we have planned to visit in each country. However, we’ve left plenty of room for spontaneity as it’s something that both of us thrive on. We have a basic idea of how long we will be in each country / city but we will, of course, be willing to give or take a few days depending on the circumstances.

6. So what is your budget for your 4 months in SE Asia and how did you come up with this figure? Do you think it will be enough?

We had been contemplating how much money we should be taking with us for a long time during our planning stages. After tonnes of research and asking advice from other travel bloggers we managed to come to a fair total of £3000 each; this amount should be enough to fund our accommodation, activities and movements across each country. However, we are willing to work over there if we do run out of money and we know we will be on a tight budget so we are fairly laid back about our savings.

7. £3000 each is some impressive saving. How have you been able to save up for this trip and what advice would you offer others?

We are even shocked that we managed to save that much money in such a short amount of time! Especially as we both only have part time jobs! We’ve had to cut back on a great deal of things such as nights out with our friends, eating out and all of the other expensive things we would be normally doing if we weren’t saving up. Something people must bear in mind when thinking about going travelling for a long period of time is whether they are willing to give up their social lives and make the most of all the free things they can get, it can be a strain at times but it will be worth it in the end. Just have a big leaving party and that will make up for it!

8. Have you ever considered working while you are travelling, by gaining a Working Holiday Visa in places like Australia or New Zealand. What are your thoughts on these?

We have discussed this topic and are very interested in doing something like this in the future. We believe its a brilliant opportunity not to be missed. Elliott also has family living in Australia which scores us great points to our hopes of eventually becoming Australian citizens after we have travelled the world.

9. Finally what advice would you give to other people considering the idea of long term travel?

We can’t exactly give any expert advice at this moment in time as we haven’t even set off on our trip yet, but in terms of preparation; do it properly. We are taking all precautions to make sure we are safe throughout our trip. Research all the places you plan on going and view different types of blogs, Youtube channels etc to pick up all the information that you can, whether it’s tips on avoiding scams or the best places to eat on the cheap. The backpacking community on the internet is unbelievably friendly and everyone is willing to provide advice to future travellers so don’t be afraid to ask people for help.

I hope you enjoyed Elliott and Sam’s interview, you can find their blog over at A Boundless Voyage or follow them on Twitter @boundlessvoyage.


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