Party on the White Isle

Ibiza is legendary, especially in clubbing circles. If you want to party like it’s your last night on earth, you’ll struggle to find a better place than the White Isle. There is a quieter, more family friendly side to this Balearic gem, however for pure party hedonism, San Antonio is your destination.

Party on the White Isle

A clubbing holiday will no doubt leave you needing another holiday to recover, but be sure to start your break rested and raring to go, by relaxing the night before. I tend to stay in a hotel the night before, with, when I’m flying early, or simply if I have to travel any significant distance to the airport, and I’ve found it a fantastic way to really kick-start a few days away. There are ranges of hotels at most large UK airports, including the range of Gatwick hotels for those cheaper flights out of the capital, many at budget-busting prices!

You’ll be glad of that night’s relaxation when you arrive in San Antonio, as its party all the way. Of course, most summer holidays tend to be centred around the beach during the day, and San An’s long bay will more than cater for your sunbathing needs. The beaches in resort aren’t the best on the island in my opinion, and if you want a better standard of sand, then jump on the bus and head to one of the neighbouring resorts, however if it’s simply a case of chilling-out after the night’s excesses, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

It is worth getting out of bed during the day, especially to head out on the bus to nearby Ibiza Town, where the better shops are, as well as a charming old town. It’s good to get a break from surroundings every now and then, and Ibiza Town offers a lazier vibe when compared to the hedonism of San Antonio. Having said that though, the resort during the day is very laid-back, generally because everyone is sleeping off the previous night’s excesses!

This destination is unashamedly about night-life, as you won’t find much culture and sightseeing in town, however if you wanted that from your holiday, I’m sure you’d have booked somewhere else. If it’s vibrant, loud and bright night-life you’re after, this is the perfect place. The West End is about 24/7 partying, and you’ll find lots of offers on drinks, such as buy one get one frees etc. Make sure you do line that stomach before you hit the booze, and you won’t struggle to find something to suit, as international menus are plentiful.

As far as the famous clubs are concerned, Eden and Es Paradis sit at one of town, with the famous chill-out bars of Café Del Mar and Café Mambo at the other, on the Sunset Strip. I’d highly recommend a drink or two here, watching the sun go down, as the sunsets here are enough to rival anywhere in the world.

It’s a given that you’ll probably leave San Antonio bleary-eyed, exhausted, but smiling and full of memories. Remember to stock up on shut-eye prior to boarding, by taking my airport hotel advice, such as the large range of Heathrow hotels, and you’ll have a head start on the partying!