In the Footsteps of The Beatles

Formed in Liverpool in 1959, The Beatles became the band that changed music forever. Sincere, inspiring and energetic… These words don’t even begin to describe how incredible these guys were. Being the symbol of 60’s music they’ve touched the hearts of millions of people and still manage to do so with their great lyrics. I’m referring now to some of the brightest personalities that ever lived in this world. They are Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

For each and every fan of the band I’m sure it’ll be a great pleasure to visit the city of Liverpool to soak up the local atmosphere and marvel at the sights that were of major importance to the band.

Calderstones School

Hardly anyone could ever think that the name of the school Quarry Bank High School  (later renamed to Calderstones School) will become super famous thanks to a problem teenager John Lennon. The future musician and an international star studied there since 1952 to 1957. He even named his first band after it -The Quarrymen.

Penny Lane


Even those who haven’t been to Liverpool know that Penny Lane is a street carefully described by Paul McCartney in the song of the same name.  The street is located not far from the Mosli Hill where he grew up. The fans that manage to make it to Penny Lane get really excited when they see the fire station and the barber shop there. The sign with the legendary street name was stolen for a number of times, so this is not an original.

The Beatles Museum

Here one may immerse in the atmosphere of music. From the very entrance to the museum you’ll hear their early works and will have a perfect opportunity to watch videos from Beatles’ concerts, have a closer look to the photographs and hear the fans screaming from museum’s speakers. In the room dedicated to John Lennon the song “Imagine” never stops playing. In the museum there is a fan shop where one can buy Beatles T-shirts and CDs.

The Casbah Coffee Club

This is the place where The Beatles history began. At those times, the place belonged to Mona Best, the mother of Pete Best – the first drummer in the band. Even though it only existed for a couple of years, it was later restored to its original state and was awarded the status of historical attraction. Now it is a place where young bands play their songs. And who knows maybe a new music legend is playing there this very moment.

by Maria Silko The author for