Visiting New Zealand

Going on a luxury vacation in New Zealand is something that appears on a lot of bucket lists. Considering how much the country has to offer, it’s a goal everyone should strive to obtain. It will be an experience they remember for the rest of their lives.

The Milford Track

Visiting New Zealand

Anyone interested in hiking the Milford Track while enjoying a New Zealand vacation needs to book early. In an attempt to limit the toll that foot traffic places on the environment, the number of hikers allowed to explore the area has been limited. It’s common for spots to be booked six months in advance. The track is worth the hassle of advanced planning, as it’s an amazing hike.

Hukafalls Jet

Anyone on a luxury vacation in New Zealand wants to have fun, and that’s exactly what the Hukafalls Jet provides. Located in Taupo, the high-powered boat takes guests on 30-minute ride down the river. It’s an unforgettable ride. Tourists experience natural hot springs, native fauna, and rock cliff faces as the Hukafalls jet performs spins at a breakneck speed.

Lord of the Rings Tours

The Lord of the Rings movie franchise made New Zealand famous; for the first time the entire world saw the country’s natural beauty. Today, no luxury vacation in New Zealand can be considered complete without taking a Lord of the Rings tour. Visitors can choose from a variety of tours, and each one will be led by a guide with extensive knowledge of both the books and the movies. The tours include costumes, weaponry, and a chance to check out the locations used for the movies.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife lovers will want to schedule time to visit the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Once there, visitors don’t just have an opportunity to see native New Zealand wildlife, they will be able to get up close and personal with the critters. Some of the native deer are tame enough that visitors get to feed them by hand. After dining at the reserve’s elegant restaurant, visitors will enjoy guided nighttime tours.

Kimi Ora Spa Resort

The Kimi Ora Spa Resort provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy being on vacation. Surrounded by the beauty of the Abel Tasman National Park, guests get to choose from a wide range of luxury spa treatments, including an underwater massage. There’s a variety of accommodations to choose from, including one-bedroom chalets for couples who want to get away and large units with beds for nine. In addition to taking advantage of the spa, guests can go horseback riding, parasailing, lying on the beach, kayaking, and fishing.

The Coromandel Peninsula

According to legend, the Coromandel Peninsula was the first place settlers saw when they reached New Zealand. It’s easy to understand why they never felt any need to return home. Standing next to the sea, it’s difficult to imagine the place has changed much since those first settlers. The area still feels wild and new. Everyone on a New Zealand vacation who visits the area feels a strong connection with history.

It’s impossible to see and do everything during a single vacation to New Zealand, but it’s sure fun to try. Choosing what to do first won’t be easy. One company that organizes individually tailored travel packages across New Zealand and the South Pacific is Seasonz Travel. Seasonz Travel offer luxury New Zealand vacations and a wide range of thrilling experiences. Visit for full details.


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