Holidays in the Cotswolds

There’s something about the Cotswolds that makes visitors feel like they’ve stepped through a portal and into a completely different period of time. The region has preserved its historical heritage. The slow pace of life and quaint Cotswolds cottages make the region the perfect holiday destination.

St. Martin’s Church

Holidays in the Cotswolds

The gorgeous St. Martin’s Church can be found on Church Street in the lovely village of Bladon. The current building was built in the early 19th century to replace the original church, whose history traced back to 1269. A clock that was installed for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee keeps perfect time. Visitors are urged to wander the well-groomed grounds and to visit the graveyard, where they can pay their respects to England’s greatest Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Stroud, England

Cotswolds cottages located in Stroud have always been very popular because they’re beautiful, comfortable, and provide visitors with the perfect setting for a great holiday. Having a number of Cotswold cottages in Stroud means tourists have easy access to numerous eclectic little stores, wonderful galleries, and affordable public transportation that the village offers. Holiday makers can purchase locally grown food at the farmer’s market, which can be turned into family meals and enjoyed in the privacy of rented Cotswold cottages.

Cotswolds Sheep

No visit to the Cotswolds region can be considered complete until visitors have seen the sheep that made the region famous. There aren’t as many large flocks available as there once were, but Cotswolds cabins located in Aldsworth put guests in close proximity of several farms that still have small flocks of sheep. If asked, it’s likely the famers will give a tour of their operation, and might even let visitors pet one or two of the gentle ewes. Shops in Aldsworth sell Cotswolds sheep wool.

Corinium Dobunnorum

The various Cotswold’s accommodation available in this part of the UK allows tourist to see various areas such as the Roman Amphitheatre, Corinium Dobunnorum, in Gloucestershire. Today, the amphitheater is little more than ruins, though visitors can still see the brilliant architecture and get an impression of how huge the amphitheater bowls must have been when it was used thousands of years ago. When the Roman Empire ruled the world, the Corinium Dobunnorum was Britannia’s second largest settlement. The Corinium Museum displays Roman artifacts that have been collected from the ruins.

Fairford Church

In a region famous for old churches, the Fairford Church in Gloucestershire holds its own. Historians have found notes referencing the church that date back to the 11th century. The current structure was constructed during the 15th century. The Fairford Church has the most extensive collection of stained glass windows in England, possibly even the world. Most of the windows are old, dating back to the early 1500s. Church officials urge the public to come and see the glass windows while exploring the church’s stunning, gothic-style interior. It’s the perfect thing to do on rainy afternoon.

It’s impossible to spend time in the Cotswold region and not be charmed. It’s the perfect choice for romantic getaways and family vacations.

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    Wow! Seeing those pictures makes it seem that Cotswold is a land that is only recognised in fairy tales! Looks like I have a new destination for my trip. 🙂 I am planning to book my holidays through Travel Republic. Aside from the destinations you mentioned in your post, would you know if Cotswold has avenues for extreme adventures such as rock climbing, base jumping, etc.?

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    Very nice, brief, and comprehensive article. I love structures that exhibit classical and warm designs, and the churches and cottages in the photos look great. I am actually planning to visit the Cotswolds region. So can you recommend a good backpacker’s hotel where I can stay for at least 3 days?

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