Watch out the Icy paradise – Enjoy an arctic summer adventure in Norway

Norway is definitely one of the most astonishing travel spots in Europe, and its impressive fjords, amazing attractions, and fabulous wildlife are living proof that the country is breathtaking. As far as Norwegians are concerned, you should to know that they adore their country, and their hospitality will help you have the greatest time.

View of Ny-lesund, Svalbard Archipelago in Norway

Prepare yourself for a memorable Norwegian journey

Begin your Arctic adventure with Geirangerfjord, which is a lovely 20 km fjord that includes deserted farmsteads, ice-cold waterfalls, and spectacular sheer cliffs that will make you feel like being part of a fairy tale. You can opt for a ferry ride if you want to explore this impressive place; enjoy a magnificent landscape, relish in the green waters and take hundreds of photos with the stunning sights.

Move on to the Lofoten Islands, which are considered a dream destination for enthusiastic hikers looking to engage in an unforgettable adventure. Whether you chose to take a bike ride or hike, just remember to have fun. Every traveler will surely be impressed by the invigorating air, thrilling surrounding regions, razor-sharp crests, and traditional communities.

You just can’t leave Norway without seeing the aurora borealis, also referred to as the northern lights. You can observe this matchless phenomenon starting from October to March, so take this detail into consideration when you plan your trip. Needless to say, the sky show is simply dreamlike! Unfortunately, we’re talking about a natural phenomenon you may or may not get the chance to see it.

Mountain Climbing and Trekking

Bergen is situated in the centre of superb Norwegian scenery surrounded by incredible fjords and mountains. A lot of people see the town as one of Europe’s finest because of it is surrounded by the acclaimed Seven Mountains. As soon as you get here, the wildlife and abundant vegetation will leave you speechless. The variety of activities is endless in Bergen; tourists can opt for trekking activities, sightseeing, climbing, and more.

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Another great location that you must add to your travel list is Svalbard, an amazing isolated sub polar archipelago that is located in the vicinity of the Arctic Ocean. There will be a lot of snow, so make sure to dress appropriately. The astonishing fjords, huge ice fields, and the amazing crests make this place an ideal spot for your Arctic adventure.

If freezing temperatures are not your thing, you should consider visiting Jotunheimen National Park. Activities like trekking and fishing can be performed here, and note that there aren’t enough words to describe the beauty of this place. It comprises more than 60 glaciers and approximately 270 summits that expand on nearly 2,000m; the highest mountain crest that can be found in Norway, Galdhopiggen, is also located here so it’s impossible not to adore this location.

Spectacular Wildlife

If you wish to enjoy a genuine Arctic adventure, you cannot leave Norway without having experience the shed driven by huskies adventure. These types of trips are organized every day in Norway, and you should totally try them to take pleasure in the beautiful surrounding attractions.

Throughout your memorable Arctic adventure, you’ll probably meet polar bears, Arctic foxes, reindeers, and a plethora of other impressive animal species. As far as the coast is concerned, a wide range of birds will delight your eyes, and the whales will offer you a unique water show.

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Towns, traditions, education

Oslo is Norway’s capital and most important cities. It features a wide selection of interesting museums and breathtaking art galleries. The opera house that was just been built is the start of a big project that wishes to transform Oslo into a completely unique city. Youngsters should head off to Tromso, a lovely town that offers them the possibility to enjoy various exciting activities and have a lot of fun. Apart from great clubs and engaging pubs, the town features excellent universities for those looking to settle down in Norway.

In other words, tourists should know that Norway is among the most spectacular countries in the world, and if you’re fond of nature and you want to enjoy a thrilling trip, be sure to include it on your travel itinerary. Norway might be an icy paradise, but during the summer the country is just spectacular. Take full advantage of the mild temperatures, and choose to have an amazing adventure.


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