Inspirational Travel Interviews – 3

My third interview with some of the internet’s most inspirational travel bloggers is with Kristy from The Globetrotting Canuck. Kristy is from a small town just outside Vancouver, Canada and after catching the travel bug at 16 has been through Europe twice and recently returned from her first trip to Southeast Asia.

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1. Why don’t you start by introducing yourselves and your blog? What do you hope readers will gain by visiting your site?

Hi! My name is Kristy AKA The Globetrotting Canuck. I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and I love to travel, hence the name of my blog.  On the The Globetrotting Canuck, I share great tips and useful advice to help others plan their trips. I love to share stories and connect with other travellers, and I am happy my blog has been able to help me do this.

2. You say that you live in Vancouver, are you currently there now or are you on the road?

Yes, I am currently in Vancouver. I am spending this summer planning my next trip and enjoying all the great things there is to do around my hometown.

3. So what first inspired you to travel? Was it a long lived desire or somewhat more spontaneous?

My family is full of travel lovers so starting at a young age I heard their travel stories and was inspired to travel. Growing up we went on family vacations, visiting family friendly places like California, Florida, and Mexico. In high school I visited Tunisia and France with a school group, and that was when I realized how much I really loved to travel. It was an eye-opening trip, and the first one without my family, and these places just had so much to discover and take in.  I knew then that I wanted to travel more, to explore Europe and the world.

Inspirational Travel Interviews - 3 (3)

4. Let’s talk experiences. What has been you absolutely favourite country so far and why?

I find it hard to narrow it down to just one country, but I think Greece is definitely one of the top. I spent time in Athens, Santorini, and Rhodes, and I wish i had had more time to visit more islands. Greece has everything you want; great historic sights, friendly people, relaxing beaches, and delicious food. What more could one ask for?

5. Which country has left you feeling a little disappointed and why?

I haven’t been really disappointed by any country that I’ve visited. I may have had a few turn offs here and there, but they haven’t ruined the country for me overall. I guess I am lucky.

6. What kind of travelling to do you prefer, fast and mainly flying or slow and mostly overland?

I prefer slower travel. I like to take trains and spend more than just a couple days in each city. However, due to time and budget constraints most of my travelling has been fairly fast paced. In that case flying can be an easy and quick (and sometimes a cheaper) option to get from place to place.

7. How are your plans coming along for your next trip where do you intend on visiting this time?

I have been spending a lot of time lately researching and planning for my next trip. I will be going back to Asia for a second time and I am very much looking forward to it. I will start in China, where I will tour the country for about 3 weeks. Next I will travel to Thailand, visiting Chiang Mai and Bangkok before I head south, checking out some of the beautiful islands on my way to Malaysia. After checking out Malaysia, I will visit Singapore then hop over to the Borneo side of Malaysia. Depending on how my budget and time is looking, I might fly over to Krabi, Thailand to relax on the beach for a few days before I head home. This trip will be my longest yet, and while i am a bit nervous, I am also really looking forward to it.

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8. If there was one place you could visit or one travelling experience you could have, money and time not an issue, where or what would you do?

If I had to pick just one place or experience, I would pick an African safari. I think it would be an amazing experience to see all of the wild animals in their natural environment and also to learn more about the African culture. I definitely hope to check this off my bucket list one day!

9: What advice would you give anyone thinking about long term travel?

You need to have an open mind and be accepting of the ways of others. Respect other people and their cultures and learn from them. You’ll also need common sense and to be able to stay calm when things get stressful.

I hope you enjoyed Kristy’s interview if you would like to check out her blog you can find her at The Globetrotting Canuck, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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