Guide for Visiting Crete

The former centre of the Minoan civilization is so diverse. It offers any visitor the vast array of sites and places to be in. All have their unique beauty and splendour. From the soaring mountains, the sandy beaches to the ancient ruins that share a coastline with modern-day cities, Crete is richly endowed.

There is a vast array of experiences one can have in Crete. Hence, it is advised that one takes some time to plan on and contemplate exactly what one desires to achieve from a visit to the island. For instance, if one desires an urban setting and proximity to bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the northern coast in Chania and Herakloin would be a great choice.

In the case of the desire for the outdoors, perhaps activities such as hiking, or to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, the southern areas of Rethymnon and Chania are ideal. The island is a friendly tourist destination and the Greek hospitality is renowned. One can visit this site for information on hotels in Crete for your comfort while on the island.

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Where in Crete

There are some places that visitors don’t want to miss. This has led to the reason why they are so popular, among the locals and international travellers. One such is the Gorge of Samaria. It is amongst the longest of Europe’s gorges and has a 16 kilometres walk. It is located in Prefecture of Chania, in southwest Crete. In addition, it is a national park with a diverse flora and fauna. Dependent on the weather, the gorge is usually open between the 1st of May and the 31st of October each year. During the winter, the mountain river running through the gorge makes it impassable and dangerous, hence its closure during this time.

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Centre of the Minoans

In 7000BC, Crete was the centre of civilisation in Europe. Knossos, the largest of the Minoan palaces to still be preserved is thought by many to be the centre of the ancient civilisation. It was the core of their culture and politics. In addition, it was the home of the legendary King Minos and is further taken to be the mythical Labyrinth that held the Minotaur. All these lie just to the south of Heraklion.

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Birthplace of Zeus

This is the mythology surrounding the impressive Dikteon Cave. It is situated on a mountain’s side and overlooks the plateau of Lassithi, another wonder by its right. The Lassithi plateau is a massive fertile plain, and the highest of Greece’s uninhabited plateaus. This serene and mountainous area is beautiful to visit. Access to the cave is via a steep path that takes about a 20 minutes’ ascent and ends at the cave’s narrow entrance. A pleasurable experience for adventurers, once on the inside of the cave, a descent will take one to an underground pool and chambers of beautiful stalactites.

There are numerous places and wonders that have made the Island of Crete a favourite amongst international travellers. Revelling in the full delights of the island of Crete is an experience many have lived to cherish.