Five Unknown Wonders Of London

Have you ever wondered what makes London a favourite tourist destination spot amongst people from across the world? Well, there are plenty of things that one could do and see in London. London is an incredibly complete city. It has something for everyone to see and enjoy which is why it attracts visitors all year round. For London coach destinations check out This article will talk about five places in London which you may not have known about.

1. The Crypt Gallery

Situated at Euston Rd on NW1 2BA, the Crypt Gallery is known to have hosted an on-going program of contemporary art exhibitions as well as other events. During the 18th Century, departed souls were buried near the crypt situated underneath the St Pancras Church. However, in the last decade it has now been converted into an atmospheric underground gallery, complete with the alcoves and arch.

2. The Ravenscourt Park

The Ravenscourt Park, W6, situated between King Street and Goldhawk Road is well hidden. This place is never talked about and is concealed from the world. It is worth a trip if you could spare some time to travel on the tube one stop to the west of Hammersmith. When you stand slightly away from the park during the early evening hours, you will be able to see the lights inside the carriages which move across the centre of the sky and half-way up the trees. The lake, the squirrels, the majestic avenue and the winding paths will take you into an altogether new world.

3. The Blackwall Point

The Blackwall Point is situated at the northern most junction of Greenwich. This location was once used to hang the convicted pirates. It is now home to the sculpture of the slice of reality. Also, blackwall point is an exciting point on London’s map which once saw countless number of ships pass through their waters. During the 16th century it was drained in order to make it fit for habitation.

4. The Temple of Mithras

Discovered during the post-war renovations, this is an incredible archaeological discovery from the Roman times. The temple was shifted ninety yards from the original site which aids the maintenance. Plans to return this temple to the original site are on. A complete restoration plan scheduled for completion by 2015 may not allow this place to remain unknown for long.

5. The Garden History Museum

Situated at the Lambeth Palace Road in SE1, this museum has been housed within an old church and is now restored. The churchyard has tombs of the royal gardeners and plant hunters. You can also see permanent exhibits of the gardening history as well as antique tools.

Five Unknown Wonders Of London

So now that you are aware of what London has to offer its tourists, you can start planning a trip to this amazing city! It offers innumerable type of activities. This city has several natural parks, architectural masterpieces, world class restaurants, lots of shopping spots, theme parks, museums and much much more. This is exactly why London is also considered to be an incredible romantic honeymoon destination and has become a popular tourist city to party with friends and family.

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  1. Charles Knight

    I would also add to that list St Jude’s Church in Hampstead Garden Suburb (London), if only for the spectacular murals and fresco paintings created by Walter Starmer in the 19th century. The Church also hosts the annual Proms at St Jude’s music festival.

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