Reasons to Love Wales

Wales is a truly lovely part of our many splendored British Isles, but a lot of people don’t think of much more than sheep and rolling green hills. And yes, those are most assuredly present by the bucketload, there’s much more to Wales than that.

Here are some of our favourite things about Wales – read up to find out exactly what makes the country so fantastic! Maybe you’ll be convinced enough to come for a wee holiday…

A Bounty of Beautiful Beaches

Wales has loads of beaches. Loads! The Blue Flag certification is only given to the very best of beaches – they have to meet or exceed standards for safety, water quality, services, environmental information and cleanliness.

There are a whopping 33 Blue Flag beaches in little old Wales, from Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog to the famous Llandudno North Shore. Even at the heady heights of summer, you’re bound to find some towel space on even the most popular beaches, so you’ve got no reason to miss out!

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The Great Outdoors

Sure, you’ve got your nigh endless miles of lush greenery, but that’s not what we’re going to focus on right here. No, let’s look at mountains instead – Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales, and is set within the beautiful National Park of Snowdonia, with great walks, beaches and views aplenty.

If that’s not of interest to you, perhaps you’d prefer something a little more thrilling? In that case, we have plenty to offer: rock climbing, real mountain biking, body boarding, surfing, and even coasteering!

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Keeps and Castles

Wales is truly rich in terms of castles – our favourite is the imposing medieval fortress in Caerphilly, but there’s also the fairy tale Castell Coch in Cardiff, as well as Pembroke Castle, the birthplace of the dynastic Henry Tudor.

There are more than a hundred different castles still standing in Wales. Don’t say you’re not spoiled for choice!

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Stars of the Screens, Both Big and Small

If you’re a fan of the BBC juggernaut Doctor Who, you will find lots of Cardiff oddly familiar… And you can even experience the fantastic Doctor Who Experience, an interactive adventure through time and space!

Portmeirion is home to the cult sci-fi series The Prisoner (as well as the gorgeous Portmeirion Online Pottery, but that’s a different reason to love Wales!); go visit that beautiful coastal village for a unique experience.

Fans of both Robin Hood and Harry Potter will like Freshwater West – this Pembrokeshire beach was used inThe Deathly Hallows as well as the recent Ridley Scott version of the Nottingham hero.

The Local Food!

From the absolutely divine Welsh cakes (think scones but… better) traditionally eaten on St David’s Day, to a hearty slice of bara brith (a spectacular tea loaf – the name means speckled bread), there are plenty of food options to enjoy in Wales.

Put leeks in everything, such as the national dish Welsh rarebit – the world’s best cheese on toast! Wash it down with a cool glass of Welsh beer for the perfect meal.


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