Top 5 Best Honeymoon Spots

So you have your wedding planned and now it is time to plan the honeymoon. This description of the top 5 best honeymoon spots can help! However, deciding your honeymoon location is only half the battle. When looking for cheap flights, can really help save you a headache by providing great rates on discount flight tickets.

The personality types of you and your spouse is an important thing to consider when choosing your honeymoon spot. Typical honeymoon attractions are beaches, exotic islands, luxurious European spas and ancient seaside countries steeped in history. If you and your spouse prefer to be surrounded by nature, you might choose a spot with spectacular scenery and plenty to do outdoors. If the two of you are more interested in the concrete jungle, the big city may be the perfect getaway. Be sure to think about what both of you like so that your honeymoon is the perfect dream vacation for the two of you!

France is a very popular honeymoon destination. Thought to be one of the best places for romantic getaways, Paris, Nice and many other French cities are storybook honeymoon spots. A honeymoon in France is something many dream of. Newlyweds can peruse the many highly fashionable, upscale shops, casually sip wine in kitschy restaurants, learn a little bit of the language and walk the fascinatingly historical French streets. Remember that when vacationing in Europe, it is best to live like the locals as much as possible! Learn a little French beforehand so that you can interact with the natives and learn the best kept secrets of your honeymoon destination. There are not many more romantic places to honeymoon than France.

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Speaking of France, the South Seas Island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia is another great honeymoon option. With blue emerald water and beaches of white sand, Bora Bora is a gorgeous spot. There is a wonderful Four Seasons at this lovely island. Consisting of thatched roof bungalows and villas overlooking the beach, the Four Seasons Bora Bora is a delightfully luxurious honeymoon destination. This would be the perfect spot for beach-loving couples who would like to incorporate the island culture into their honeymoon.

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Jamaica and the Bahamas are other great beach-side honeymoon destinations, but let us not forget what we also have closer to home! The United States also offers some fine honeymoon locations. Florida beaches are gorgeous in their own rite. If you are looking for white sand in the United States, Sarasota or Miami Florida could be the perfect romantic beach honeymoons! The Siesta Key in Sarasota and South Beach in Miami boast the white sands and crystal clear waters of European destinations, yet being closer to home they are more affordable while still being beautiful.

Beaches are not the only honeymoon destination. There are plenty of other places that offer breathtaking scenery sans the beach. In Canada, one lovely spot to consider is the Fairmont Chateau Louise Canada. Nestled in view of an emerald green lake among the beautiful mountains capped with snow, this resort is an amazing choice for newlyweds. Besides the great 19th-century historical style of the interior of the resort, the lake offers a wonderful, intimate escape. Couples can take advantage of the gorgeous landscape by hiking around or paddling on the emerald lake.

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Lastly is a honeymoon option for more athletic couples. If you are looking for something a bit more sporty, how about a ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado? While it may be a bit of a departure from the typical sea-side honeymoon choices of beaches and coastal weather, some couples might find that a trip to Aspen would be the perfect option for them. Aspen is not all about snow and skiing, snowboarding is often also offered and there are often many hot tubs sprinkled throughout Aspen resorts to keep the guests warm despite the snowy weather. If you and your spouse are looking to do more than just sit around relaxing on a beach and would like to incorporate some physical exertion into your honeymoon, a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado could be the perfect option for you!

With such a big world out there, you will find so many options for your honeymoon that it can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully this list of top 5 best honeymoon spots can help you narrow it down a bit. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun!