Copenhagen: What Makes It the Best City in the World for a Business Trip?

Copenhagen is a fabulous city for business trips. Simple to travel around, fun to explore, and extremely enticing, Copenhagen is packed with incredible places of interest. Besides, the main airport is at a 15-minute distance from the city center and can be easily accessed via rail links.

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Mixing business with pleasure

A business meeting must take place in an exquisite place located in the heart of the city, especially since business individuals in general have good taste, and are accustomed to luxurious locations. Nothing seems classier than two businessmen talking about their strategies while savoring some delicious caviar over a glass of wine. From a business point of view, Copenhagen has everything you need and more. With a plethora of fine dining choices, the city is the perfect location to mix business with pleasure.

Enjoy a soothing business trip

Some of the greatest companies in the world are attracted to Denmark, because it can guarantee the highest potential of commercial success. After you’ve landed on the Copenhagen Airport you’ll realize that the city is completely different from everything you’ve seen before. Cultural, yet extremely professional, Copenhagen is an excellent travel spot for business aficionados. Who said that business people can’t relax and have fun? If you’re planning a business meeting in Copenhagen, you should definitely take some time to visit some of its best attractions.

Off the clock

The newest attraction in Copenhagen is The Blue Planet, the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. Built in the impressive modernist style, and similar to a huge seashell made of metal, the Blue Planet will surely exceed your expectations. The best part about aquarium is that it’s located on the edge of the water, at a 15-minute drive from downtown. Even though you may have to stand in line, the experience will be worth the wait.

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Some other exquisite attractions for business people include the National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Denmark, and last but not least, the Rosenborg Castle – home to Denmark’s most cultural treasures. After a long day exploring Copenhagen it’s definitely time for some shopping. Strøget is the city’s main shopping area where you’ll definitely manage to have some real fun looking around.

Go local

You cannot feel like a local if you don’t take your time to ride a bike along with thousands of citizens who go to school or simply look for a healthy way of consuming their energy. Copenhagen is probably the friendliest city in the world when it comes to bicycles, and if you don’t believe it, the plethora of bike lanes will surely convince you. In case you’re not that interested in riding a bicycle, you can always opt for an electric car. These cars will allow you to visit a larger surface of the city in a shorter amount of time, without having to pay any parking fees, since Copenhagen plans to become carbon neutral in the following years.

Off the beat activities to try out

Although you may be in Copenhagen for business purposes, you might want to get rid of that fancy suit and mingle with the locals. Head over to the famous Carlsberg Brewery and maybe buy some souvenirs for your fellow colleagues. Connected by numerous bridges, Copenhagen’s architecture will blow you away.

To get a better view at the past, the Medieval City is the oldest part of the capital, where you’ll stumble upon a small island know as Slotsholmen. Close to the historic centre there’s a plethora of residential boroughs you should definitely check out such as Inner Nørrebro, Vesterbro, and Inner Østerbro.

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Copenhagen – strong economy perfect for business

Copenhagen is an excellent travel spot for business travelers due to its strong economy and powerful economic centre. The capital is the economic and financial center of Denmark, and it also has a powerful influence over the Scandinavian-Baltic region. With over 3.5 million people, Copenhagen is one of the most densely-populated cities in Northern Europe.

In 2008, the Financial Times Magazine ranked the Capital on the 4th place on their ‘Top 40 European Cities of the Future’ list. Some of the world’s best enterprises had established their local headquarters in Copenhagen such as: Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Fering Pharmaceuticals, and more.

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    Well I don’t know about a business venue but I sure loved visiting Copenhagen as a tourist! We walked for hours through the centre, ate ice cream (in winter – I have no idea what we were thinking!) and explored every church and interesting building we came across. I would love to return someday – maybe I can convince someone to hold their business meeting there!

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