Belgiums Best Places for a Vacation

Belgium has great location and it seems that it can accommodate the best things in Europe in its relatively small area. Travelers can spend a day on a romantic cruise on the canals of Bruges, walk around the jewelry stores in Antwerp, enjoy delicious waffles on the beach in Oostende, take part in the carnival in Binchy, climb the Namur fortress, buy antiques in the Liege open market and complete the journey in the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts.

Thanks to good transport links between the cities in Belgium you can travel easily and comfortably. In northern Flanders, you can visit romantic medieval towns – Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp. Β The southern part of the Walloon Region boasts with rolling hills of the Ardennes, countless castles of Namur, Liege and Tournai. Brussels is also one of the great cosmopolitan capitals, which focused a great variety of financial and trading companies.

Belgiums Best Places for a Vacation

I would recommend reserving a place at one of the luxurious Belgian restaurants for a dinner and going for a breakfast to the little Belgian cafes that are spread around every city in Belgium, they serve the best French fries in the world you will never forget.

Many travelers come to the city in order to explore its historical places, if you are one of them it is hard to imagine your visit to Belgium without a tour to the town of Waterloo, famous throughout the world for the grand battle between Napoleon and a coalition of European monarchs. It was a place where the mighty Napoleon was defeated. Right now waterloo fight is reflected in most of the available attractions here, including the headquarters of Napoleon, Panorama, Museum of wax figures and other interesting places. A fun fact is that more than hundred towns around the world have been named Waterloo after this important historical event.

Belgium is also associated with little charming towns like Tour, where the number of churches is almost the same as the local residents, or Binche, which hosts the annual carnivals with fascinating celebrations, loud folk music and delicious Belgian food. It would be interesting to visit the ancient town of Tongeren, and a small resort town in the province of Liege, Spa where you can relax as a real princess. The famous Spa procedure was named so after this city so you can imagine what a treatment you may get.

If you make a short list of what is worth seeing in Belgium then it will include Brussels ‘Manneken Pis’, the Royal Museum of Art and the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Cathedral of Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, futuristic Calatrava station in Liege, and, of course the famous Belfort in Bruges, as well as numerous Belgian castles.

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  1. Earleen R. Padillo

    I’ve never been to Belgium and i would love to go on vacation in this very beautiful place. I know there are a lot of scenic places in Belgium to go to. It would be nice to spend a day on a romantic cruise on the canals of Bruges while enjoying the delicious waffles. It would definitely be a dream come true if get to go to Belgium.

  2. Lori

    Belgium is one of the countries I want to visit – but didn’t manage so far. Antwerp, Ghent and others are on my list of places to see and enjoy πŸ™‚

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