Top 5 Caribbean Islands to Visit

The Caribbean is a notoriously beautiful place to visit. Newlyweds frequently island hop in the Caribbean and movie stars have made some of the islands their second home. I have compiled a list of the top 5 Caribbean islands to visit in your lifetime.

1. The Cayman Islands

The Caymans consist of three breath-taking islands that lay right at the beginning of the Caribbean islands. These islands are home to premium scuba diving coasts coupled with amazing beaches. In fact, the Cayman Islands are home to 7 continuous miles of white sandy beaches that is known all over the world for its beauty. The Islands have over 50,000 residents in just over 76 square miles.  The Grand Cayman island also has a unique sandbar where friendly stingrays frequent making it a hot spot for families to enjoy. If you want some time away from the sandy beaches you will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful shops and vendors that line the city of George Town. The Cayman Islands epitomize the Caribbean making it my Best @ Caribbean number 1 destination.

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2. U.S. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands have beautiful scenery, just like the other islands on this list, but they are unique because of the connection to the United States. When you travel to the Virgin Isles you will not have to exchange currency or extend your cell phone service. Even though these aspects may seem trivial, they cut down on the amount of time you will spend dealing with stress on your vacation. Each Island has its own different beauty and culture and you must visit all three to take in the total Virgin Island experience.

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3. St. Martin

St. Martin is all of 37 square miles that is owned by both the French and Dutch governments. The island is well known for its insane party atmosphere on its French side, and its laid back culture on the Dutch side. The island is freckled with major casinos and five star restaurants throughout, and if you have a taste for the finer things in life then your vacation destination should be St. Martin. It is also pretty famous for having its airport so close to a beach that full size aircraft regularly pass just 20ft overhead as they come in to land, so prepare for your towel to be blown into the sea.

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4. Turks and Caios

These islands are not well known, and are in fact the secret of the Caribbean. They have a relaxed chilled atmosphere and they are savored for their genuine feel and authentic culture that cannot be found anywhere. The beaches on Turks and Caios are stunningly gorgeous and the history of the Grand Turk island is a must see when you visit. If you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs of the Caribbean then head out to the Turks and Caios islands.


5. Bahamas

What list of the top Caribbean islands would be complete without the Bahamas? Even though it has become a hotbed for tourists, the Bahamas has retained its charm and natural beauty. Those who love nature will find the scuba diving here extraordinary, and families who love to shop will get their fix with the unique shops that litter the landscape. The Bahamas may not be as exotic as they once were, but they still are an amazing bunch of over 700 islands all clustered together in an amazing environment.

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