Holidays in Mexico: Discovering the Ancient Ruins

A holiday in Mexico is much more than the azure waters, shimmering sands and favourable climes that you see on the postcards. While a stint on the beach is almost compulsory with a luxury holiday on the Caribbean coast, Mexico has so much more to offer its visitors that simply shouldn’t be missed. With Direct Holidays, you can get the best of both worlds – fantastic opportunities to relax and unwind, with the added bonus of exploration and adventure.

As part of your trip, an excursion or two to the Yucatan Peninsula is a must. Here, you will find Mayan ruins to explore and admire which are both breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. These monuments of Mayan history have existed since as early as 600AD and their preservation has allowed thousands of visitors to see them for themselves as part of the Mexican adventure. Here’s a list of five absolute Mayan must-sees:

Chichen Itza is probably one of the most famous ruins and is known throughout the world as a symbol of Mexico’s rich Mayan history. Because of its popularity, try and visit the site early to avoid the busloads of tourists.

Uxmal in Santa Elena is an ancient Maya city, home to many structures including the Pyramid of the Magician and La Gran Pirámide. The light and sound shows are amazing, too.

Calakmul is home to the tallest known Mayan temple, nestled deep within a biosphere reserve that is worth visiting not just for the ruins but for the wildlife as well.

Becan is an awesome site to visit if you love to explore. Hidden passageways, tunnels, palaces and pyramids await you. Get ready to feel like Indiana Jones for a while, minus the bad guys!

Tulum may not be the vastest of Mayan ruins but, by visiting them, you will also have the chance to laze on the incredible beaches as part of your excursion.

Mexico is jam-packed full of diversity and adventure. Enjoy a 2013 luxury trip to this mesmerising country that you’ll never forget.