Getting Active in Lanzarote

Lanzarote might be well loved for its beautiful beaches and temperate climate, but to me travelling here and spending the entire time sunbathing would be a real waste. Personally, I think the real draw of Lanzarote is all the amazing activities you can try while you’re here – think challenging hikes, thrilling water sports and leisurely games of golf.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who adores this side of Lanzarote – it’s so easy to fall in love with. To give you a better idea of all the exciting things you can do here, I’ve put together a brief guide to some of my personal favourites, while you can visit the Sovereign website for some handy hints on places to stay.

Scuba diving

Lanzarote is made for scuba diving. As with the rest of the Canary Islands, you can expect to see a really diverse array of species here, without coming across many dangerous ones. What makes Lanzarote particularly exciting, though, is its varied and fascinating underwater terrain, which has been shaped by the island’s volcanic origins.

And, thanks to the fact that visibility is as much as 40 m, you can look forward to getting a great view. Plus, the water here is balmy all year round, which makes for a really pleasant diving experience during which you can see things like groupers, moray eels and rays.

There are loads of great diving sites here (not to mention diving schools, so it’s a good place for beginners as well), so I won’t attempt to list them all. Some of the best, though, include La Burrera, where you can explore an amazing labyrinthine landscape and see rare algal forests, and La Roncadera, which is a fantastic place to spot sea fans.

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Golf is a great choice if you want to be active without doing anything too physically strenuous, while still giving yourself a challenge. Lanzarote is home to Costa Teguise Golf, a challenging course that also has a putting green and driving range, so there’s plenty of scope to practice your skills.

One of the nicest things about this course, which, by the way, was designed back in 1978 by John Harris, is that it really makes the most of the local landscape. As you play, you’ll be surrounded by scenery filled with more than 3,000 palm trees – what could be better?

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Thanks to the island’s volcanic landscape, it’s also a fantastic destination to go hiking – especially if you’re really into challenging trails. The ultimate choice for hiking here is Timanfaya National Park and the surrounding area, the terrain of which is famous for its lunar-like appearance, which is made up of solidified lava fields.

This is definitely the place to come to if you are after testing hikes – so if you fancy something a little less strenuous, you should probably head elsewhere! For the most challenging paths, head north from the beautiful area of Yaiza (which, by the way, is deemed one of the prettiest regions in Spain).

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Last on my list is windsurfing. There are loads of great places to catch a few waves in Lanzarote, and keen windsurfers will be pleased to hear that the island has an excellent reputation among fans of the sport, having hosted competitions like the Freestyle World Cup.

Costa Teguise is one of the best spots to head to if you fancy having a go, with Las Cucharas being a favourite beach among windsurfers. If you’re after a serious challenge, though, Jameos de Aqua is where you should go.

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