Ibiza – Party ‘Til You Drop

Are you bored with your usual tedious routine when going on a trip? Visiting museums, churches or gardens bore you to death? Well, we might just have the answer to your dilemma. Be of legal age and party ‘til dawn in the great island of Ibiza!


Ibiza, literally meaning Party ‘til you drop, has lived up to its name. The place is famous with the tourists due to its night life and its vast coastline. Every year, a large number of tourists visit this small island of the Mediterranean to spend their summer. Full swing of the colorful summer starts on May and ends in September.

Activities Available

Due to its vast coastline, a wide variety of water sports are available for you to enjoy. Waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking are a few water sports activities you can try. If you are not looking for an action packed day, relaxing and basking under the heat of the sun are other ways of enjoying their pristine white beaches.  Watching the sun sets is a sight to behold in the late afternoon.

Ibiza not only caters to the party people, they are now considering creating more family-friendly activities.  These would include exciting yet adventurous activities that not only the adults would enjoy but the children as well.  Sightseeing using their mini-trains has been enjoyed by a lot with families who have small children with them.  Not only this is informative, it gives you and your children a great time to bond together.  A walk on San Antonio’s Aquarium is another splendid activity to do with your kids. You can see colorful and a wide variety of ocean animals, especially turtles.


Staying in Ibiza for the duration of you trip is worry-free. Apartments in Ibiza are very affordable yet the accommodation and services are of a 5 star quality. Many of these hotels are also near the great attractions and beaches and tourists do not have to travel for a long period just to visit specific tourist attractions. A truly stress-free vacation!


Depending on how strong your palate is, Ibiza offers sumptuous meals that can fill your huge appetite. The wide selection of their food would include their traditional recipes, farm grown food or their famous tapa. Ibiza’s cuisine is a product of their rich culture and tradition; try, and a burst of different flavors would surely burst on your tongue.

As Spanish usually dines late, their restaurants are mostly open during the night. You will never be late when it comes to dining here.  These restaurants are fairly priced, their menus are great and service is excellent.

Ibiza is a magnificent place to visit anytime of the year, however; summer would be the best season where most activities can be enjoyed. With all these great information of Ibiza, one is sure to book a flight and pack his things. So go to your nearest local tourist agent now while the summer swing has just started. Book and fly now!

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    Nice article. Ibiza city is really one of the best destinations in the Euro… Ibiza Town has a lot to offer when it comes to beaches. Another thing to mention is the amazing nightlife the city has to offer… I would definitely suggest Ibiza to any tourist that wants to have fun in a very vibrant city…

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