Getting to Grips With the Beaches and Water Sports of Costa del Sol

There are many ways you can choose to holiday in Costa del Sol. Located in Spain’s Malaga province in the south of the country, the region has built a reputation for being able to cater for a wide variety of visitors. Whether you’re after a relaxed retreat at the beach, an active trip to the Hinterlands or to get involved in some water sports, it’s not hard to find what you’re looking for. Below are some of the best of what the region has to offer.

Hotel Bali Benalmadena  Costa Del

One of the biggest draws for tourists in Costa del Sol are its famous and extensive range of beaches. The region’s year-round sun means there’s no bad time to pay them a visit, but they are undoubtedly at their best during the summer months. With its position near the coastline, Benalmadena is a particularly good part of Costa del Sol to stay for a beach holiday. Malapesquera, one of its most popular attractions, offers a massive stretch of beach that is well suited for families and groups of friends. Surrounding it are numerous cafes and restaurants, and every week has a new programme of events to attend. If you’re interested in this part of the region, then the Hotel Bali in Benalmadena is an ideal place to stay for its close access and cheap prices.

Hotel Bali Benalmadena  Costa Del

The Malapesquera beach, as well as others dotting the coastline in Benalmandena, also have a variety of water sports on year round. Ranging from parasailing to jetskiing and boat trips, contacting the Sports Centre at the beach is a great way to see different parts of Costa del Sol and get involved in activities you might not get the chance to back home.

Hotel Bali Benalmadena  Costa Del

If you’re after some activities a bit more different from the standard water sports, then caving in the Cueva de Gato might be for you. Located a bit further out than Benalmadena in Ronda, the caves offer the chance to walk through an underground river and see some of the most impressive limestone caves in the country. The pure water in the caves is great to swim and bathe in, and are especially enjoyable during the height of summer for a cool and refreshing respite from the hot weather. Guided tours are available in the caves all year round.

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