What to do if you lose your passport abroad?

Losing or just the thought of misplacing your passport brings jitters to the body. Misplacement, theft and destruction are some of the common ways where a traveler can lose his or her passport. Losing your passport while abroad can prove to be a nightmare; the passport serves as your identification to carry out any transaction. Without a passport, the life of the traveller comes to a standstill, no access to cash as the passport is the most valid and recognized way of identification, inability to secure entry or exit in most places, inability to pay for accommodation or meals since most merchants will require to confirm the authenticity of the transaction through passport details.

What to do if you lose your passport abroad?
Losing a passport while abroad is even more complicated where someone is travelling alone or in a remote area that lacks well structured infrastructure such as transport and communication that is most vital to communicate home or contact the relevant authorities. However cautious one is in regard to keeping travel documentation safe, there is never guarantee that this mishap will not take place, it is therefore important to always have the most current passport phone number that will enable the traveller in distress contact the local consulate or embassy. Other than having the passport phone number, the following steps are paramount in order to make life easy during these trying times:

Contact the nearest police Station

This is the first step one needs to take after misplacing a passport, at the police station the traveller will give out the details of the happenings, the reason of travel and also current contact address. The police after recording the statement will provide the traveller with an official statement and also include the passport details on the document. The document bearing the official police stamp is allowed to be used temporarily by the traveller. The police document is allowed by some merchants, banks or accommodation facilities as a valid identification item.

Visit the Consulate or Embassy

From the police station, a traveller needs to contact the nearest embassy or consulate, this process can prove to be quite a challenge if the visitor is located at a far off destination but for traveler in a big city, it is always much easier. At the embassy, the traveller will give out the narrative of the incidence and the embassy may choose to provide the traveller with a temporary pass at a charge. A traveller who has access to cash may chose this option and therefore carry on with the stay in the foreign land.

What to do if you lose your passport abroad?
Having access to the internet will on most occasions prove very important since the stranded traveller will be able to contact family and friends who will wire some money through services such as money gram, western union etc. However, without proper identification it would be a matter in futility. Rule of the thumb always calls for backing up of all the travel and necessary documents , i.e. making copies of the documents and safely storing them away in an a safe but easily accessible spot such as safe deposit at the hotel.

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