The Inbetweeners are Travelling to Oz

In case you haven’t heard already, one of the greatest British comedy series and films of all time ‘The Inbetweeners’ is getting a movie sequel and this time instead of going on a Lads holiday to Malia, Crete, the boys will apparently be backpacking around Australia.

The Inbetweeners are Travelling to Oz

For anyone who has never seen or heard of the tv show before ‘The Inbetweeners’ is best described as a teen comedy and follows the ups but mostly downs of four friends, Jay, Will, Simon and Neil, as they struggle with everyday life. From Simon throwing up over his crushes kid brother when ridiculously drunk, to Neil punching a fish to death, to Jay claiming to have slept with just about every girl he has ever heard of and finally Will shitting his pants in a school exam. This comedy is definitely not for the easily offended but it is a British institution none the less.

Without this cult comedy the youth of Britain today would be without some of the following catchphrases, ‘Briefcase wanker, oooooo friend, bus wankers and you Bumder (a cross between bummer and bender), and they would be poorer for it. If none of these sayings mean anything to you, don’t worry, you really have to watch the tv series in order to truly appreciate its crude sense of humour. Check out the clip montage below and if it makes you laugh I suggest you check out the tv series first and then the hugely successful spin off movie. There is an American version of the show as well but do not be confused as it is no where near as good.

I can just imagine the sort of things the boys would get up to in Australia. Bondi Beach, The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, none would be safe from the possible disasters that the Inbetweeners seem to bring. If you have seen some of the Inbetweeners episodes or the first film before let me know your favourite parts in the comments below. If not I highly recommend checking it out in preparation for their backpacking adventure in Australia.



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    The general public these days decides just what exactly it prefers for amusement, certainly not the major studios and representatives. If you add to that distribution world wide web, headlines, web-sites, from gossip to entire videos. It’s a really completely new world. A lot of it wonderful, some not.

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