Tenerife Holiday Destination Guide

Tenerife is the largest and most populated of Spain’s Canary Islands. It is located just off the western coast of Africa and therefore enjoys pretty much year round sunshine and high temperatures. For this reason and with flights to Tenerife being only a couple of hours at the most from the majority of European countries, it is little wonder that in 2012 approximately 5 million tourists visited the island. Almost a third of which was just from us Brits (we do love a Canary Island summer holiday).

Tenerife Holiday Destination Guide

Tenerife is popular amongst many different types of tourists and age groups, from young adults looking for cheap booze and all night clubs, to families looking for an inexpensive summer holiday in the sun and even older couples looking to unwind and relax in the perfect island environment. For this reason choosing your accommodation in Tenerife and whereabouts on the island to stay is vital to ensuring you have the exact holiday you are looking for.

For the Youngsters

In the UK when you and your group of mates are finally all 18 years old there is a rite of passage that you must complete before truly becoming a man. That rite of passage is a ‘Lads Holiday’ (we have all been there, even me). On a lads holiday the goal is to pretty much get drunk as quickly and as cheaply as possible and then dance the night away in one of the best nightclubs. Tenerife is a perfect destination for you to achieve your goals and there is one resort particularly prepared for this.

Playa de las Americas

Located on the south coast of the Island, Playa de las Americas has everything a young group of mates looking for fun would ever need. From a vibrant nightlife filled with countless bars and clubs, to pristine beaches perfect for recovering from hangovers and even a wide variety of recreational activities available.

The best nightlife in Playa de las Americas can be found on Veronica’s Strip. Within walking distance from the majority of hotels, Veronica’s is home to some of Tenerife’s most popular bars and clubs, and frequently plays host to some of biggest named DJ’s in the world. Other notable areas for great nightlife are the Starco Shopping centre and The Patch restaurant.

After a heavy night of partying there is no better cure for a hangover than relaxing on a pristine beach with turquoise clear water. Well you’re in luck, as Playa de las Americas has a number of beautiful volcanic sand beaches to choose from. Here you can simply lay back and soak up the sun or if you have any energy remaining there are a number of water sports and activities to choose from. Why not rent a jet ski, jump on a banana boat with your mates or, if you’re feeling up for it, hop aboard one of the infamous booze cruises.

Tenerife Holiday Destination Guide

For Families and Young Couples

If you are a family travelling to Tenerife with young kids or maybe even a young couple just looking to relax on this Island paradise. The ideal destination for you would be Costa Adeje.

Costa Adeje

Located about a 10 minute drive north of Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje may be geographically close to las Americas but in terms of a style of holiday it couldn’t get much different.

With a much more laid back and family friendly vibe, Costa Adeje is one of the newest resort areas in Tenerife and boasts high class but affordable hotels, and stunning quieter beaches. The nightlife and dining options are also much more upmarket, think sushi and spaghetti rather than pizza and kebabs.

The resort still offers all the usual beach activities and there are water parks and go-karting available close by for the kids or the big kid in you. If you are a golfer you will revel in playing on either the 9 or 18 hole championship course of Golf Costa Adeje, in virtually guaranteed perfect playing conditions. For the lady there are numerous spas where they can be pampered or they could shop till they drop at the two modern shopping centres, the Plaza del Duque and the Centro Commercial Gran Sur.

Tenerife Holiday Destination Guide

For the Older Generation

For the older generation pretty much any destination on the peaceful and picturesque north side of the island would be ideal. Although I may be stereotyping somewhat, if you want to live it up with the youngsters in Playa de las Amaricas be my guest.

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz has a lot to offer visiting tourists including a botanical garden hosting over 30,000 different types of Flora. You could also visit the Loro Parque zoo home to a variety of animals such as whales, sharks and gorillas.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the joint capital of the Canary Islands and offers a chance to explore a more vibrant city destination with beautiful beaches to relax on when required.

La Orotava

La Orotava is pretty little town full of historic buildings and narrow streets, ideal to get lost in and just wander. With the mountains close by there are also numerous hiking and sightseeing opportunities.

Tenerife Holiday Destination Guide



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