5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Adventure

From understating different laws to keeping an eye on climates and natural events, there is plenty to consider when you travel. With most of us desperate to get out of the United Kingdom and have that once in a lifetime adventure we’ve always dreamed off. Don’t let your guard drop when you head abroad, and consider these five top tips:

5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Adventure 1

  • Carry Travel Information – This may sound like a simple point but it’s one that you can easily forget. If you’re doing a multi city stop then print out the details of all of your hotel and flight bookings – along with travel agent contact details. Not only this but if you are leaving your things in the city as you take a bus trip for a day or two then remember a copy of your passport because some bus companies don’t allow anyone to travel if they don’t have identification on their person.
  • Transport Awareness – There are so many means of travel and if you are backpacking or anything like that it can get easy to become complacent after a while on the road. If you’re flying don’t drink much and always ask questions if you’re not sure how to handle customs at your destination. When on buses and trains keep all valuable possessions near your person and keep alert just incase as well as knowing where you’re getting off. Taxis are always a worry in a foreign country, we hear too many stories so if you’re going to and from the airport try to book one and carry as little as possible during a journey.
  • Safety conscious/Insurance – When it comes to thrill seeking, it can be easy to think you’re only doing it once and then coming home. The majority of times this is true but don’t let you guard slip on personal health just because you’re on a big adventure. Be sure to know what you’re going to get up to and if it is safe. Always have insurance incase something untoward happens and you don’t have to shell out on a medical lawyer because you broke your wrist trying to volcano board in Nicaragua.
  • Research – You don’t want to be caught up in a political coup or a tornado when on your jollies so make sure you take a passing interest in where you’re going ahead of time. This will help you decide what trips you should make and prepare you for what is in store. Additionally, know where you want your hotel/hostel to be and the price range. This will make your trip not only safer but also cheaper.
  • Travel light – While this is true for any trip in general, what we mean here is when walking around don’t be carrying big rucksacks. It’s always best to overcompensate on what you are going to need but that’s unlikely to be all your credit cards, travel documents and best jewelry. Instead keep as much as possible back in the room and walk with the crowds. This will lower the chance of being cased for a theft, be that petty or serious.

5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Adventure 2

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the majority of crimes happen in darker hours – between 10pm and 5am – so there is plenty more to remember than these five tips. But, making note of points like this can be the difference between a safe trip and a travelling nightmare.


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