Cruising Alaska: What’s in Store?

While many cruisers return to popular haunts year after year, such as the beautiful shores of the Caribbean and the cultural cities of the Med, the potential of a cruise to unspoilt lands is an appealing one for many individuals.

This year, why not book a cruise aboard the Celebrity Century and take yourself off to the pristine scenes of the state of Alaska. Sure, it may not be the golden sands that you’re used to, but it certainly offers an once-in-a-lifetime trip that you can tick off your Bucket List.


Cruising Alaska What's in Store 2

As one of the most scenic and untouched areas in the world, Alaska is simply breathtaking, and any Celebrity cruise deals that can get you one step closer to these unspoilt coastlines are definitely ones to take advantage of.

Your journey will begin in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada, where you will board the Century in its home port. Taking the coastal route known as the Inside Passage, you will head up the coast of British Columbia, weaving through glaciers as you go, until you arrive in Alaska.

The Alexander Archipelago in the south east will be next, before the opportunity of capturing the beauty of the Hubbard Glacier located in Disenchantment Bay.

One port of call is the state capital of Juneau; a fabulous city that offers plenty of excursions including sightseeing, kayaking and bear watching in the wooded terrain.

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Juneau, Alaska

In the port of Ketchikan, you can feast your eyes on the famous Totems in the Saxman Native Village, or treat yourself to a plane ride over the Misty Fjords – a simply breathtaking experience.

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The Northern Hemisphere holds so much beauty that needs to be seen to be appreciated and Alaska is absolutely full of it. Snap up one of the Celebrity cruise deals to this fantastic land and benefit from a unique trip.


  1. Juliann

    I spent a few months in Alaska and often think about taking a cruise there just so I could go back and see more. But I worry that I wouldn’t have enough time in port to go explore. I’ve got to give it more thought. Thanks for reminding me that I want to do this. 😉

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