Adventure Holidays and Mountain Biking in Sardinia

An adventure or activity holiday is a great alternative to the run of the mill package holiday. If you want to do something healthier and more exciting than lounge on the beach for two weeks during this year’s annual holiday, then all you need to do is choose your activity and your destination.

Whether you are a veteran holiday adventurer or this is your first time, it is a good idea to book with a reputable and expert adventure holiday provider. There will be plenty of choice and guidance and you can be sure you will be in safe hands with a good route and/or itinerary mapped out for you (but with plenty of room for yourself too). You can also rest assured that your accommodation will have been booked in advance and there will be a comfortable room at a guest house (or similar) after a good day on the road.

If you are reasonably fit, cycling is a good introduction to adventure holidays. This is a great way to explore a new country and enjoy everything it has to offer. A good adventure holiday provider will offer a large choice when it comes to cycling holidays, including a range of destinations and levels of ability. If you are not used to cycling, then choose something easy; if you cycle regularly at home, look for something moderate or for those who are really keen, look out for the more challenging tours.

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Companies such as Exodus offer a great range of destinations, including cycling holidays in Sardinia. This Italian island is breathtakingly beautiful and a cycling holiday is a great way to explore it. Located in the Mediterranean, the climate is idyllic and there is a great diversity of landscape too. Enjoy crystal clear seas, white sandy beaches, deep ridges and gorges. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the local cuisine as well as time to visit many of the local sights.

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Due to the range of landscapes, a cycling holiday in Sardinia is likely to come under the heading of moderate, so you will need to be reasonably fit. Sardinia has many places of interest that are not accessible via other means of transport, making cycling an ideal way to explore this beautiful island. You will explore fishing villages, ride through beautiful meadows and see amazing wildlife such as the stunning flamingo. There are also many abandoned mines and ancient ruins that add to the beauty and interest of the landscape.

Sardinia even has islands of its own and a short ferry ride, on which you take your bike, will deliver you to the beautiful isles of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro. Home to the ancient city of Sulci, there are numerous historical sites, dating back hundreds of years.

If all this has whetted your appetite for something more adventurous this year, make sure you book your adventure holiday with a reputable and socially responsible provider, such as Exodus. Travelling with an expert company takes much of the stress out of your holiday, leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Mountain Biking in SardiniaAdriana Frederick is a travel writer and adventure holiday expert. Adriana and her partner regularly enjoy canoeing, walking and cycling holidays, often booking with Exodus for a wide range of activities and exciting destinations.



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