5 Alternative Holiday Ideas Around The World

What are Holidays for and what do they get us? This must be answered in order to know what type of holiday one should adopt. It is interesting that we have certain days in the year dedicated to some very positive principles in life: love, caring, reverence, gratitude, family, spirituality, and centering. In relation to that concept, society has made it acceptable for us to take some time off work to remember what is important in life. Take some time for yourselves, your loved ones and your life. The industry is there for those who want to buy and sell and enhance your holiday. You have the choice of creating your own atmosphere and traditions in ways that you wish to do so.

All you need is to make up your mind and then implement your idea to see how your soul is freshened up with some of the best holiday ideas. Spending a holiday today ranges from BBQs at a friend’s place to skydiving in Spain. The increasingly popular trend of adventurous holidays have brought immense change in the ideas of spending a vacation, you can find cheap holidays online to locations throughout the world.

1. Sailing in Scotland

Sailing with mountains, beautiful lochs, glens and tranquility beyond imagination on yachts and personal boats is what a peaceful holiday is all about. Sailing, exploring the country in a stunning location, a dedicated crew and hospitality and food to die for, you will have to be reminded frequently that you have not landed in heaven. This Scottish experience is what anyone searching for peace would die for.

Sailing in Scotland

2. Bungee Jumping in Africa

Africa offers the most exciting bungee jumping locations on the planet. Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush on the Victoria Falls Bridge that crosses the Zambezi River. Lush forests line the cliffs to the bottom of the gorge. Feel the nature by making a fall from 111 meters above the raging waters of the Baroka Gorge. After the fall you feel the spray of the falls, the pounding of their heart and the powerful sound of rushing water; indeed a moment to cherish.

Bungee Jumping in Africa

3. Skydiving in UAE

United Arab Emirates has developed a reputation as the playground of the Middle East, particularly for those seeking high adventure. Skydivers are no exception. Whether you are a newbie looking for your first jump or an old pro seeking a new locale, the U.A.E. can accommodate you. The brave get rewarded not only with an adrenaline rush but with a stunning view of the vast deserts cape and the man-made wonders of Dubai. Skydiving attracts a lot of people and with this facility anyone willing can experience the feel of it.

Skydiving in UAE

4. Cycling at Roscoff

A lovely ride that will take you from the Brittany ferries port at Roscoff along the North Brittany coast and though the untainted countryside of inland Brittany.  The riders fall in love with Brittany. The journey lasts for 7 days with a complete package including meals and night stays. This 270 km journey is a great holiday plan for bachelors and adventurers because they tend to enjoy healthy activities on a vacation.

Cycling at Roscoff

5. Palawan Expedition, Philippines

This unique island in the Philippine archipelago is a haven for tourists due to its numerous natural wonders. A pristine rainforest, deserted tropical islands and underground rivers are the highlights of this holiday destination. You can also enjoy the abundant underwater marine life in its crystal clear waters.

Palawan expedition, Philippines

Spending your holidays experiencing new things entertains you, refreshes you and you utilize both your valuable time and money.


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