My Second Walking Tour of London

It’s time for my second walking tour of England’s majestic capital, London. In case you missed my first tour visiting sights such as The Tower of London, Tower Bridge and The Shard you can check it out here. For this tour I will be guiding you from St Paul’s Cathedral, across the Millennium Bridge to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and The Tate Modern Art Gallery. Then a brief walk around the river to the London Eye and Sea Life Aquarium, before finishing the tour with a visit to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

You can check out the route of the tour on the interactive map below. The interactive map will provide you with the easiest and quickest way to reach each destination on foot. You can pause the map at any time using the pause button or by highlighting one of the points with your mouse. Once again the tour is starting from Liverpool Street Station but you can pick up the trail from your accommodation in London anywhere along the route. From beginning to end, the walk should take you around one and half to two hours if you don’t stop and enjoy the attractions.

The Tour Begins…

From Liverpool Street Station (Point 1) head south until you reach Threadneedle Street and then walk west, go past Bank underground station and you should start to see St Paul’s Cathedral appearing in the distance. Follow your eyes until you reach the magnificent church and then spend some time exploring the church yard (Point 2).

From St Paul’s head directly south and you won’t be able to miss the Millennium Bridge (Point 3) directly in front of you. On my last tour I told you not to cross the bridge but instead head back east towards The Tower of London, well this time you should walk across the bridge and take some time enjoying the views up each side of the river. Continue walking across the bridge and you should be able to spot the a small, white rendered, circular building with a thatched roof. This is the Shakespeare Globe Theatre (Point 4), where you can learn all about the history of Shakespeare and the theatre, as well as watch a modern-day performance. To find out more visit

Globe Theatre - Travel on Inspiration

The Globe Theatre from the Millennium Bridge

After your visit to the Theatre walk back towards the bridge and just slightly past it is the Tate Modern Art Gallery (Point 5). Here you can view various different paintings, sculptures and exhibitions, including some of Roy Lichtenstein’s famous Pop Art. The find out exactly what the Gallery will be exhibiting during your visit you can check their website here.

Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam!

Roy Lichtenstein – Whaam!

After you’ve had your fill of Art, you can start to walk west, with the river on your right hand side, along the bank. This is the longest section of the tour between attractions but luckily for you there just happens to be a number of riverside cafes, coffee shops and restaurants for you to grab a snack from. After about 20-30 minutes of walking the river will start to bend south and the London Eye (Point 6) should start appearing in view. On a nice day a number of amazing street performers can be found in the area around the eye and I would recommend stopping to take in a show.

The London Eye

The London Eye

If you don’t have a head for heights, then a short walk past the London Eye is the Sea Life London Aquarium (Point 7). Where you can get up close and personal with all manner of sea creatures. For the brave there is also the option of snorkeling with sharks for a truly face to face experience. To find out more about Sea Life London you can visit their website here. Continue walking past the aquarium and go up the steps to Westminster Bridge (Point 8). From Westminster Bridge you will be able to get a great view of the House of Parliament and Big Ben clock tower (Point 9).

Houses of Parliament - Travel on Inspiration

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Walk towards the Houses of Parliament, round Parliament Square and on your left you will see Westminster Abbey (Point 10). To go inside Westminster Abbey and to see for yourself where William and Kate got married, the ticket price is £18 for an individual visit.

Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey

Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey

And that completes my second walking tour of London. Westminster underground station is nearby for you to continue your visit to London, perhaps you could even take my first walking tour.



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