A Walking Tour of Foggy London Town

I think I may have mentioned this before but one day each week I attend university in London studying for my Masters degree. Anyway after 5 years of travelling to London you could say that I know my way around the capital quite well and therefore I thought I would show you some simple walking tours you can take to see the sights. For my first walking tour I thought I would take you from Liverpool Street station all the way to the new tallest building in Europe, The Shard. Stopping in between to see sights such as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

My walking tours start at Liverpool Street station as, coming from Essex, this is the station I arrive at when travelling to London myself. If you want to start at Liverpool Street like me it is an easily accessible station on the Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan underground lines. Or you can just pick up the route anywhere along the way. For a quick guide of the route, check out the interactive map below.

The Tour Begins…

Exit Liverpool Street station (Point 1) onto the Bishopsgate Road side and start walking south, scanning the skyline as you go, looking out for the oddly but aptly named Gherkin building. Once you spot it, just follow your eyes and you will make you way to the foot of this iconic skyscraper (Point 2).

Standing at the foot of the Gherkin, London

Standing at the foot of the Gherkin, London

From the Gherkin continue heading south until you reach Leadenhall Street, from here walk west, go past Bank station and continue west until you can see the great dome of St Paul’s (Point 3) in front of you. Take some time exploring the church yard and marvelling at the architectural masterpiece before moving on.

Head south from St Paul’s and you should start to see directly in front of you the Millennium Bridge (Point 4). Just across the bridge is the Tate Modern Art Gallery and the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, however these are for another tour, so don’t cross that bridge today my friend.

The Tate Modern - Now you see why its called Foggy London Town

The Tate Modern – Now you see why it’s called Foggy London Town

Instead of crossing the bridge walk back east, with the river on your right, enjoying the views of the Shard across it. (In hopefully better weather than when I took my pictures).

The Shard Across the River

The Shard Across the River

Continue walking along the riverside and you will eventually make it to the medieval heart of London, the Tower of London (Point 5). This may be a good place to stop and get something to eat however when I was there I noticed you could get fish and chips for the ridiculous price of £7.50, so you may want to bring some sandwiches if you are on a tight budget. (If you are visiting England you really must try fish and chips, it’s a tradition, but I suggest going to the east coast where the fish is much fresher and tastier, and it will only set you back around £2.50).

The Tower of London

The Tower of London

Circle around the back of the Tower of London, trying to spot a Beefeater on the way, and you will be on the approach to Tower Bridge (Point 6). You can’t help but be in awe as you walk across probably the most famous bridge in the world.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Take some time to appreciated some amazing views of both sides of the city before moving on the short distance to London City Hall (Point 7)

View of London from Tower Bridge

View of London from Tower Bridge

From City Hall you should be able to spot the Shard high in the distance. Start walking towards it and on the way you should pass the Winston Churchill Britain at War Experience. If learning more about the war interests you then I recommend a visit. After about a 10 minute walk you should be standing at the very bottom of Europe’s tallest building (Point 8). Taking pictures like the one below.

Looking up at the Shard

Looking up at the Shard

And here is where my first walking tour of London ends. London Bridge Station is located right next to the shard and from here you can begin exploring other areas of London. I hope you enjoy this tour as I will be bringing you a few more soon, taking in other sights such as the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

I just had to add this Anchorman (great film) clip with Ron singing Foggy London town to Baxter.

Have you ever had the chance to visit London, what was your favourite sight in the city, let me know in the comments below.



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  2. Lori

    This is quite a special London tour 😉 True, the fog is quite present here – I mean, sunny and clear days are almost an exception, rather than the rule – but I never saw London presented in a foggy tour. Loved the idea and photos!

  3. Matt Tebbit

    I’ve actually done that walk countless times although the shard wasn’t finished when I was last in London. I love walking around London, you miss out on so much when you take the tube everywhere.

    Are the trains from Essex to Liverpool Street still as dire as ever? My memory of them is repeated cable thefts, signalling problems and overcrowded carriages – I don’t think I have had one comfortable journey on them (at least at rush hour).

    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Give me a foggy walk through the streets over a crowded underground during rush hour anyday.

      Nope, the trains are still as bad as ever. The only thing different is probably the price which now costs an extortionate £55 for a day return.

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  5. Heart

    hi Jason, great post! thanks for the tip! we are going to be in London first couple of days of May, so it’s great to see that i could use some of your tips for a sightseeing. also happy to see that you have progressed so well with your blog and showing us a bit more of your own city.

    keep up the good work and stay in touch!


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