My Life By the Numbers

Being an engineering student and someone who has gotten 90% or above any of my maths units you could say that I have a thing for numbers. So I have decided to take a look at my life from a new numerical perspective.

My Life of Travel by the Numbers

I am currently 25 years and 3 months old. This equates to approximately 1,312 weeks that I have spent on this mortal plane. Now if I account for all the holidays, day trips away, business trips etc I would say that this accounts for no more than around 14 weeks in total that I have spent travelling away from what I considered to be my home county of Essex. Now by plugging these figures into the following equation (1-(14/1312))*100 we come to the conclusion that I have spent 98.93% of my time within just this one place.

I have only ever lived in a couple of places within Essex and therefore for my purposes here I will considered the entire county my home. Essex has an area approximately 3,670 square Kilometers according to Wikipedia. The entire land area for the Earth is approximately 148,940,000 square Kilometers, thanks again Wiki. Now by applying the following formula (3670/148940000)*100 we can deduce that Essex accounts for just 0.0025% of the land on Earth.

So from the two calculations we can see that I have spent 98.93% of my time on this planet in just 0.0025% of it. Looking at things in this way just seem so crazy. As Human Beings we are supposed to be adventurous and curious creatures, always striving for whats new and seemingly impossible. I think the following quote sums things up perfectly.

I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question

Follow my calculations and do the math yourself to determine just how much time you have spent seeing so little of this wonderful planet… And then do something about it!


  1. Budget Travel Blog

    I really like this post! It’s a great way to put things into context.

    I crunched my numbers:

    I’m 23 and 9.7 months, and have lived primarily in the Lower North Island of NZ (Palmerston North and the Greater Wellington region). I’ve had (at a guestimation) roughly 6 months on holiday/trips, etc.

    That works out as 98.1% of my life seeing only 0.005% of the world!


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