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Travel. Experience. Live. Is a fantastically well written and inspirational blog by Bram Reusen, who not only documents his travels but also writes about his own personal life and philosophy. You can read more about Bram here and (for the nosey people out there) even more about him here.

So far on his travels Bram has visited four of the seven Continents, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, with the majority of his time spent in Europe. In 2012 he only managed to spend 3 months in total on the road but in this short time he racked up a quite impressive 8 different countries. So if you’re wondering what a travel blogging does for the rest of the 9 months in a year, wonder no longer as Bram also writes about how he spends his time at home working on his blog and trying to connect with the travelling community online.

Travel. Experience. Live - Amsterdam

Travel. Experience. Live – Amsterdam Coffee Shops

My favouriteMarco Polo - Travel on Inspiration post on Travel. Experience. Live is actually a two parter where Bram writes about the famous explorers of the past and talks about their journeys and expeditions. From probably the most well-known explorer Marco Polo (1254-1324 pictured) and his journey overland from Italy to China, to lesser known explorers such as Richard Burton (1821-1890) who visited Mecca disguised as a Muslim and is responsible for publicising the Karma Sutra into English. It just goes to show that if these great men from the past were able to travel the unknown world with nothing much more than a compass and the stars to guide them, then with todays modern technologies such as the internet, smartphones and credit cards, nobody should have an excuse not to travel.

Travel. Experience. Live also has a page dedicated to some of Bram’s most beautiful travel photos and each week one of these photos is highlighted and described in more detail. There is also a section were you can view videos from Bram’s travels to some of the worlds most interesting cities and attractions.

Travel. Experience. Live

If you want to read a travel blog thats honest and inspiring then I would highly recommend Bram’s Travel. Experience. Live. In this review I have merely scratched the surface of the this awesome blog and there are many more fantastic posts to read and inspire you.

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  1. Ariana Louis

    Hi Bram! I am impressed with the “4 of the 7 continents” I wish I could do that, too! Well, you’ve been to Asia, my favourite continent to visit.! I’ve been to many Asian countries, and I love it there! I would love to read some of your Asian travels. Being an educator, I love to relate my travels with history which brings to mind one whom you didn’t mention and that is Magellan who went to the far east. Travelling to Asia was really easy for me with Thanks Bram!

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