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The following is a guest post from Bram over at Travel. Experience. Live. I asked Bram how he first became inspired to travel and what keeps inspiring him to this day, you can read his response below. I also recently reviewed Travel. Experience. Live which you can read here.

As a kid I used to go on holidays with my parents every summer. I’ve got some amazing childhood memories of that time. Before I was 15 I had visited France, Luxembourg, Holland, England, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I didn’t really travel that much as a teenager though, nor when I was in college.

Looking back at my time in high school now, there is one moment in particular that I remember vividly. In English class we had to read an article about Australia, which had a picture of Uluru. I was completely fascinated for some reason. I really think that on that particular day something changed, even though I obviously didn’t know about it at the moment.

Uluru_Travel on Inspiration

Several years later I had graduated college and had found my very first ‘real’ job. After a few months I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and it turned out I had no clue whatsoever. It was then that I remembered that specific article. And I decided that I had to go there.

I worked a couple more months to save up some money.

On October 23, 2010 I was standing in the airport, totally ready for my big adventure. Never had I set foot on a plane or even in an airport. But I wasn’t nervous at all. I knew that this was what I had always wanted. Now the moment was finally there!

It was the best thing I ever could have done. It was AMAZING. I met so many people, saw and did things I never thought I would in my life; it opened my eyes completely. It felt like I was free, free to do what I wanted whenever I wanted, free to change my mind. I was, and still am, hooked on that feeling.

After getting home again, nine months later, my life had changed completely. There was no way I was going to spend the rest of my life in the same place after having tasted what freedom really feels like.

What keeps me going now, is the desire to see new places and experience how people live in other places on this planet. Although many visitors will hit Uluru in just 24 hours, then catch a direct flight to Brisbane or Sydney and continue their vacation, I think you could spend at least a few days in Uluru and not regret it. I consider slow travel to be the most valuable form of traveling. It allows you to soak up local habits and everyday life. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that since coming back from Australia one and a half years ago. But I have planned something similar in the near future, as I plan to cycle to the North Cape in Norway and back home to Belgium. I am so incredibly excited about that. I’m a little nervous as well, I have to admit, but nerves are a good sign! They keep you focused.

One of my biggest hobbies nowadays is photography. I’m definitely an amateur, but I really enjoy trying to capture things I come across on my travels the best way I can.

A lot of credit goes to that one picture of Uluru in that random article about Australia in an English class. The photographer and author don’t know, but they have changed someone’s life incredibly…

It was a pleasure to have Bram as our very first guest poster on this site. If you are also interested about writing a guest post for this site please get in touch using the contact page. You can also contact me through my various social sharing sites that you can find on the sidebar.

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  1. Neha Vasadhani

    Hi Admin,

    I am interested to publish my content on your website, I have Travel, Places to see, Restaurant, Hotels related content. At least 5 articles for your blog, can I send some of them to you for your review?

    All are unique, fresh. Hope I will get a good response soon.

  2. trekking in Nepal

    I remember when I first visited Australia back in 1997 and it was just one of my golden days. Now from that moment, I decided that I had to make a career in traveling world business. So here I am. Great story and I would love to write a guest post too.


  3. The Guy

    Great story. Seeing that picture of Uluru was an inspiration for you and you went out to achieve one of your lifetime goals. Now you can never regret not doing that and can work towards other fantastic goals.

    I wish you well with the bike ride, it sounds very exciting.

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  5. Browsing the Atlas

    This was very inspiring. It reminded me of my early traveling days and why I love it so much. Lately, trip planning has consumed me more than traveling, but I need to get back to the roots of just loving it for traveling’s sake.

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