Holiday Nomad – Blog Review

Holiday Nomad FreyaAnother great travel blog I have stumbled upon recently is the Holiday Nomad by Freya. Freya considers herself a holiday nomad as she has a full-time day job but manages to use her vacation time to still explore the world. I believe this is the reality for many of us would be travellers, as not all of us sometimes have the financial stability or courage to leave our ‘normal’ lives behind. Although I dream of leaving my 9-5 existence, I know that this will not be possible for me for at least another year and so in the mean time I intend to take some great advice from Freya about how to spend my vacations this coming year. Freya is from Belgium and her blog has some fantastic information on some of the amazing things you can see and do in her beautiful country.

Freya also writes about how your work vacation time can also be used to visit a number of other European countries and one that especially interested me was Lapland. Although I kind of like the cold, Lapland looks freezing and I had never really considered it as a place to visit before reading Freya’s blog. If you can brave the sub-zero temperatures then it truly does look like an amazing place to visit and you can even stay in a Snow Village which is completely made of snow and ice and is specially made each year.

Freya has also a couple of top 5 things to do in posts which are a great way of quickly summing up the best not to be missed sights and experiences at each location. Although Freya’s blog is fairly new, being created in September 2012, the fact that she has managed to build up a huge following in the social media circles goes to show that her blog is quickly becoming the go to resource for any holiday nomad.


I just wanted to say a thank you to everyone who has been so kind towards my new travel blog. I have received many invitations from fellow bloggers to review their sites and I promise I will review each one in time. If you have a blog you would also liked reviewed here then leave me a message in the comments below or you can contact me directly here.

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    Hello Mike,
    I agree with you. Its really true that our modern age we are so busy and we have a short time to spend our family have a fun of joy on the holiday.I think we need to visit without family to go a holiday trip for sharing and spending some interesting moment.
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  2. Mike

    In modern age life of all of us is very busy and we have a little time to share with our family and have a fun on the holiday day. Like Freya we should also utilize our time to visit new places and enjoy each and every moment of life.

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