Never Ending Footsteps – Blog Review

Every once in a while I come across a great travel blog that instantly inspires me to follow my dreams of travelling the world. I will be reviewing these blogs from time to time on my site in order to help spread the inspiration among the travel blogging community. So for the very first travel blog review I will be analysing the blog Never Ending Footsteps by Lauren.

Never Ending Footseps - Blog Review

Never Ending Footsteps is a fantastically well written blog with amazing photographs that help to bring every country Lauren visits to life. The reason why I feel such an affinity to this blog is because Lauren was very similar to me once. We both lived just outside london, we are both in our twenties and we both prefered very plain English foods. Lauren set out on her travels solo in July 2011 and is still currently travelling the world. She managed to face her fears of travelling alone and worrying about not being able to eat anything, and is now having an amazing adventure that will never end. So if she can do it, so can I and so can anyone.

As with every around the world adventure things are very rarely plain sailing and these mishaps seem to happen a lot more to Lauren. So much so that she even has a separate page on her blog dedicated to what she calls The Incidents. From getting ‘Poked’ during a massage in Bangkok to punching a scammer in Shanghai, sitting next to a dead women on a boat trip in Laos to so many more freak occurences that just seem to happen to her. Although these incidents are more than enough to put off any would be traveller, Lauren has an amazing way of finding the good in every situation. Making you realise that these ‘Incidents’ are the experiences that help you grow as a person and provide you with amazing stories to tell for the rest of your life.

Thai Massage Sign

Lauren started her travels in Eastern Europe, more specifically Croatia and travelled through many of the Eastern European countries, even managing to take a rare trip to Chernobyl and the Ghost Town of Pripyat. From the Ukraine she took a flight into Moscow and then 24 hours later started her first visit to Asia in Taiwan. Before reading Lauren’s blog I have never even considered visiting Taiwan (in England it is generally where all the cheaply made toys come from) but after reading about the friendly people and beautiful cities, it’s a place I would love to experience for myself. From Taiwan Lauren visited most of South-East Asia and spent months in the backpacker friendly Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since then she has been inter-railing through more of Central and Eastern-Europe and is currently on a road trip around Australia and New Zealand.

If you are a day dreaming traveller like myself then I would highly recommend Laurens blog as an amazing piece of inspiration and very some great advice on how to avoid any ‘Incidents’ while travelling. I will continue to be an avid reader of Laurens blog and personally wish her all the best on her future adventures.

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    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you liked my review of your blog.

      It would be awesome if you would like to provide a guest post on my blog about what inspired you to travel in the first place and what keeps inspiring you to this day.


  1. Stephanie

    I love Neverendingfootsteps too! It’s so good hearing about solo female travel from someone of a similar age and from the same country! I would love to visit Taiwan and eat at some of the many themed restaurants.

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